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to Influence the future

the past


Using leading GIS Tools, expert partnerships & innovative consultancy practice, we implement solutions for the environment, infrastructure and natural resource management, for a resilient future.

Zealandia Consulting is a union of dedicated professionals, with experience spanning the last 45 years, focused on the betterment innovation can bring, and inspired by how all our stories can inform a better tomorrow.

As engineering, science & consultant practitioners, we face complex problems by listening to the stories of our clients and collaborators.

Our Mission is to support our clients and community to plan for a carbon negative, resilient and bio-diverse rich tomorrow.

Across the Whenua...
from the mountains...
down to lakes and wetlands...

From rivers to sea, through to coastal landscapes...

Along ecological zones of carbon and streams, infrastructure and built environments...

We seek to collaborate
for better outcomes, shaped by
technology and good practice...


Zealandia Consulting logo
New Zealand Fern

Connecting the dots...
by using technology,
instinct, and
method focused practice,
to influence the future...

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