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Flooding Little Shoal Bay

Client: Merit Meats

Project: Wild Harvest Solutions MBIE Carbon Project 2021-2023

Sika Deer Picture from DOC NZ.jpg
Merit Meats logo.jpg

This project aims to establish inputs and technical framework to assess the feasibility of developing a carbon accounting and supply chain standard; for the harvest and utilization of wild Deer populations, for the purposes of economic and environmental betterment for local communities, and New Zealand as a whole.


This is envisaged to draw on data science, geospatial and remote sensing technologies to deliver a supply chain, market driven outcome, that intrinsically incorporates the carbon footprinting of invasive species and their utilization for better ecosystem management, with wild Deer population, as a case study,


This is a first essential step to unlock the sustainable management of invasive species by enabling commercial opportunities of derived products leveraging the standard in overseas markets and utilizing the multi-benefits approach to support Carbon and Environmental Management for New Zealand inc.

Client: Auckland Council- Healthy Water 2022

Project: Land Cover Analysis - Auckland 2008, 2017 and 2022

The goal of the study was to construct a highly detailed land cover layer to support a range of planning needs including water quantity and quality modelling and rural land restoration planning.


The project was done in partnership with Lynker Analytics. It encompassed seven phases which were run in a serial process to generate all of the output data.   

Landcover GIS Map of Auckland

Client: Auckland Council Strategy & Research Department 2023

Project: Development of (Rodney) Pilot Sediment Sources Rapid Identification and Management System (SSRIMS).

Auckland Sediment Map and Roads
Gabrielle Auckland Slips
Zoom in on Auckland Slips

This Auckland Council project used high spatial and temporal resolution satellite imagery, alongside machine learning techniques, to identify bare earth and unsealed roads, across the Auckland region, specifically the Rodney district, to support the potential development of a Development of Pilot Sediment Sources Rapid Identification and Management System (SSRIMS).


Using GIS (Geographic Information System) processing techniques, high spatial and temporal resolution satellite imagery, alongside machine learning techniques, to identify bare earth and unsealed roads, our team identified areas of risk, within the Rodney region, where bare earth and unsealed roads intersect with overland flow pathways, river networks and steep slopes.


The aim is that these datasets can be used to provide further understanding and monitor the complex interactions of sediment within sensitive receiving environments and waterways. This was done in partnership with Lynker Analytics.

Client: Whangarei District Council 2022-23

Project: Raumanga/Lower Waiarohia Stream Assessment, Whangārei, Te Tai  Tokerau/Northland: Stage One Watercourse Assessment Report

Zealandia Consulting were contracted by Whangārei District Council (WDC) to provide a stream assessment for the Raumanga stream. An on-site stream assessment or stream-walk was conducted in August 2022, covering 14km of the Raumanga stream following a modified version of the 2016 Auckland Council Watercourse Assessment Methodology (WAM).


In the report and GIS dashboards provided, identified issues were addressed and recommended actions were suggested regarding the data collected throughout the stream assessment. An extension of the issues and recommendations were provided as GIS layers delivered from the stream-walk and the stream footage presented through Mapillary ©.


The purpose of this assessment was to i) develop a baseline data to monitor ongoing change; ii) provide key environmental and asset information for the network discharge consent applications; and iii) enable a systematic approach to identify issues and options for remedial, mitigation, and improvement works.


An opportunity was seen to refresh the assessment process by, recently developed technologies and software in 3 D visual imagery. This has enabled more effective data capture as well as seamless representation of deliverables for all parties to utilize efficiently in a wider range of ways.

Raumanga Streamwalk
Zealandia Consulting Stream Survey

Client: Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa 2023

Project: Restoring Toheroa o Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe

Toheroa Te Rarawa
Toheroa Te Rarawa
Toheroa Te Rarawa 1950 Wet Seep

Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe (Ninety Mile Beach) is recognised as an ecologically significant coastal area, with the sand dune flora and benthic macroinvertebrate communities being characteristic of exposed sandy beaches of Aotearoa New Zealand. Unfortunately, this iconic coastal environment has suffered ecological and cultural degradation, and currently lacking resilience in the face of predicted climate change. An example of such degradation is the decline of the once abundant and taonga species, the Toheroa (Paphies ventricosa).


Despite a fishery closure and harvesting ban since the 1970s, this endemic species is yet to recover.

This project was based on a collaborative approach, which involved regular meetings with our project sponsor, clients, and collaborators, Te Rarawa.


Our approach also included local mātauranga Māori to improve our understanding of the fundamental ecology of Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe, past and current impacts on the area, and the Toheroa biology to better manage the species for future generations.

This project aims to prioritise locations for toheroa (Paphies ventricosa) regeneration through an understanding of the relationship between environmental factors and toheroa abundance, in the coastal areas, along Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe between Ahipara and Cape Reinga/Te Rerenga Wairua.

Client: Auckland Council Strategy 2021

Auckland Stormwater Ponds

Project: Three Water Reform Advice - Stormwater

Zealandia Consulting Ltd. leverages experience across the three waters sector, and throughout New Zealand, with particular focus on integrated management and geospatial services.

Auckland Council engaged Zealandia Consulting Ltd. to identify the likely impacts on land and water management in Auckland and the required measures to face the transition, should the Three Waters Reform result in the transfer of responsibilities for Stormwater to a New Water Entity.

Client: Gisborne District Council 2021

Project: Moana Rd Pond and Channel Upgrade Design

This project involved the assessment, design concept development and guidance, to deliver a stormwater solution for an ongoing problem at Moana Rd Pond, in Gisborne. 


The Zealandia Team worked closely with Gisborne Council staff, to coordinate expert reports, customer needs and onsite constraints into a design concept package.

Moana Road Culvert, Gisborne
Whangarei Engineering Standard

Client: Whangarei District Council 2022-23

Project: Engineering Code of Practice update WDC

WDC have been working to update there Engineering Code of Practice over the last 8 years and had reached a point were some expert team members needed to be called to assist. Zealandia Consulting partnered with IEC Consulting and worked with Council staff to enhance and deliver the  update of an important guiding document for the District. 

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