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Over the last three decades, legislation around and management of water quality effects in Auckland has undergone significant changes. This began with RMA 1991 requirements, which stimulated a transformation that began in the early 2000s with the Auckland Regional Plan: Air Land and Water, continued in the 2010’s with the Auckland Unitary Plan, and into the 2020’s with the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management.

This report provides a clear and accurate story around contaminant modelling in Auckland in response to over two decades of the legislative progression. Auckland’s history of contaminant modelling is marked by continuous improvement in accounting capability - specifically the ability to identify, treat and understand effects of existing and future contaminant discharges to waterways. The report tells Auckland’s contaminant modelling “story” which is critical to understanding the current initiatives in water quality management, with context also given to the present business needs and drivers.

CLM FWMT Report 30-5-22 Final_15062022 (1)
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