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2013. Overland Flow Path Prediction and Validation from a 100 - year Event. Auckland, NZ.

Barry Carter, Nick Brown, Carl Hewison, John Tate, and Frank Tian – Auckland Council, New Zealand

This paper shows the close relationship between predicted flooding from overland flow and actual flooding from the storm affected area and the benefit of mitigation works where they have been already undertaken. The focus of this paper is: 

  • The process of ground-truthing potential overland flow flooding issues 

  • Simple predictive and preventative measures

  • Validating predicted overland flow flooding with the 3rd July 2012 event 

  • Overland flow flooding from small contributing catchments 

  • Assessing the effectiveness of flood mitigation works.

2013 SW Conference. Overland Flow Paper. Carter et al.
Download PDF • 1.34MB


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