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2022 Northland Urban Areas Impervious Surface Layer Creation

This report explains the methodology, impervious surface class definition, data validation and accuracy and the final data generated and supplied from this project. This document has been prepared by Lynker Analytics Ltd and Zealandia Consulting.

The purpose of this work was to map impervious surfaces (these are mainly artificial structures) such as pavements, roads, sidewalks, driveways and parking lots, as well as industrial areas such as airports, ports and logistics and distribution centres, all of which use considerable paved areas) such as asphalt, concrete, brick, stone—and rooftops.

In particular this will allow Council(s) to inform the following work streams and then plan, manage and compare them for planning purposes:

  •  Catchment planning and landuse planning

  •  Hydraulic Modelling and flood management

  •  Landuse and contaminant modelling

  •  Financial analysis and development contributions

  •  Stream Management

Data Quality and Accuracy Report - Northland Urban Impervious_2015
Download PDF • 8.25MB


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